We are accepting submissions for interactive posters and panels. Submissions should be two-pages (maximum length) in the AMIA submission format. The content and abstract, as submitted for review, will be regarded as the final publication-ready version of your submission. Therefore, the submission must be clearly written, carefully proofread and correctly formatted.

  • Interactive posters provide researchers with the opportunity to briefly present their work during a “minute madness” session, and then spend time discussing their work with attendees during a poster session.  Poster submissions should include:
    • A concise description of the idea(s)
    • Results, findings, or theoretical discussion
    • The implications of the work to the WISH community
    • Recommendations for further investigation
  • Panels can be proposed for any topic related to the design, development, deployment, and analysis of any interactive system in healthcare in academia, industry, or public policy. Panels should be limited to four panelists and a moderator. Panel submissions should include:
    • A summary about the panel and aims
    • A discussion of issues that will be discussed, including information each panelist will present (if applicable)
    • A brief overview of how the panel will work, including how panelist presentations will be mixed with interactivity
    • A statement about the relevance of the panel to the WISH community
    • A bio for the moderator and each panelist


Please submit WISH Madness no later than October 30 2012.

Please make sure that you follow the AMIA paper format –


  • Submissions due: August 10 , 2012 August 20, 2012
  • Notification of submission acceptance: Early September, 2012
  • Camera-ready submissions due: Sept 14, 2012
  • Wish Madness submissions die: Oct 30, 2012


Panelists – Each panel will be 1 hour in length. Members of each panel should work together to determine presentation format, time for each panel member,  and order of presentation. Please contact the workshop chairs with any special requests or questions

Poster presenters – Authors of accepted posters will present both their poster and a 30-second  ”WISH madness” slide at WISH.

  1. Posters: You will be provided a 4’x4′ poster board space to display your poster at WISH.  Please prepare your poster to fit within this space. Poster boards will be provided for you to hand your poster on Saturday in preparation for the poster reception.
  2. WISH Madness: Please prepare and submit a brief presentation representing the work you will present at WISH. Submissions must be under 20M and require 30 seconds or less to present Saturday during “WISH Madness”. Detailed submission instructions are provided in the “Wish Madness guide” below.

WISH Madness Guide*

Quick facts

WISH Madness provides WISH attendees with a quick overview of the posters that will be presented during the poster reception. It also gives the poster presenters a moment to get people excited about their work.

Madness Presentation Submission information

Deadline: 30 October 2012, 5pm ET

You can choose to present your WISH Madness presentation as a single slide, multiple auto-advancing slides that finishing within the 30 second time limit, or a video. If you use multiple slides, you must pre-program them to advance automatically and finish within 30 seconds. We will compile all of the slides into one slide deck.

You can upload your WISH Madness presentation through easychair:

  • Log on to EasyChair:
  • Click on the “information link” for your submission
  • Click on “Submit a new version” (box on the top right)
  • Upload Madness Slide to the “Attachment” “Choose File” area
  • Click “Submit a new version”

Submissions must be under 20M.


  • Ensure your presentation takes no more than 30-seconds.
  • Ensure your presentation is under 20M
  • You may submit either:
    • a PowerPoint slide deck in either ppt or pptx format (embedded videos are allowed)
    • a video (see video format restrictions below)
  • For presentations with multiple slides or animations, please make sure that the slides and animations advance on a timer
  • If you embed movies, ensure that the movies are embedded from the same directory as the PowerPoint file. This will help avoid linking problems when we import your slides into our master deck. In this case, please upload a zipped directory of the presentation and video.
  • You must submit any embedded videos (see video format restrictions below).
  • We will be showing your slides on a Mac Book. Please ensure:
    • Be wary of your font choices. When in doubt, use images instead.
    • If you construct your slides on a Windows machine, you should test playback on a Mac machine. We will be assembling and showing slides from a Mac machine using the latest version of PowerPoint.
    • Be wary of including content in the slide master. When we import your slides into our deck, content from the slide master will be lost.
  • All submitted videos, including those embedded in PowerPoint, must meet the following requirements:
    • Required format: MOV file (Fallback format: AVI using the XVid compressor.)
    • <100MB in total size for all submitted videos
    • NOTE: We will contact you if we have problems with your video.


The SIGCHI conference has been successfully doing CHI madness for the last six years. There are some examples here and many available on youtube (search for “CHI Madness”). We look forward to seeing your WISH madness presentation.

*Adapted from CHI Madness Guide


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